Shaheen Afridi Will Get £5000 Even After Pulling Out from The Hundred


Shaheen Afridi, the Pakistani fast bowler, will receive £5,000 despite withdrawing from The Hundred, a professional franchise 100-ball cricket tournament in England. This situation likely arises from the terms of his contract or a specific withdrawal policy agreed upon by the tournament organizers and the players.

Here are the key details and potential reasons for this decision:

  1. Contractual Agreement: Players typically sign contracts that outline their remuneration, including clauses for participation, withdrawal, and injury. Shaheen Afridi’s contract likely includes a provision that entitles him to a portion of his fee even if he pulls out.
  2. Withdrawal Policies: The Hundred may have policies to ensure players receive some compensation for their time and commitment, even if they cannot participate. This is particularly important for maintaining good relationships with top international players.
  3. Player Welfare: Ensuring players are compensated despite withdrawal can be part of broader efforts to prioritize player welfare. This can include considerations for injuries, personal reasons, or national team commitments that might prevent participation.
  4. Injury or National Duty: If Afridi’s withdrawal is due to injury or national team duties, the partial payment serves as recognition of these valid reasons, maintaining fairness and goodwill between the tournament and the player.
  5. Marketing and Branding: Top players like Shaheen Afridi add significant value to a tournament through their brand and marketing appeal. Compensation even after withdrawal can be seen as acknowledging their contribution to the tournament’s promotion.

The decision to pay Shaheen Afridi £5,000 despite his withdrawal underscores the importance of fair contractual practices and maintaining positive relations between players and tournament organizers.



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