New Projects of IT Ministry Likely to Get Allocation of Over Rs. 5 Billion


The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication in Pakistan is poised to receive a substantial allocation exceeding Rs. 5 billion for several new projects aimed at accelerating the country’s digital transformation. This funding highlights the government’s commitment to strengthening the IT sector and fostering technological advancements.

Key Projects and Initiatives:

  1. Expansion of Broadband Services:
    • Significant investment will be directed towards expanding broadband infrastructure, particularly in remote and underserved regions.
    • This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that a larger portion of the population has access to reliable internet services.
  2. Digital Skills Training Programs:
    • A portion of the funds will be allocated to developing comprehensive digital skills training programs.
    • These programs will target youth and professionals, equipping them with essential IT skills and certifications to enhance employability and productivity.
  3. Development of IT Parks:
    • The establishment of new IT parks in major cities is a key focus area.
    • These parks will provide state-of-the-art facilities and a conducive environment for startups, tech companies, and research institutions to thrive.
  4. Enhancement of Cybersecurity:
    • Strengthening the country’s cybersecurity framework is crucial to protect digital infrastructure and data.
    • Investments will be made in advanced security technologies and the development of a skilled cybersecurity workforce.
  5. Promotion of E-Governance:
    • The allocation includes funding for the implementation of e-governance initiatives to streamline government processes and improve service delivery.
    • This involves digitizing public services, making them more accessible and efficient for citizens.
  6. Support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:
    • Encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship through funding support for tech startups and small businesses is a priority.
    • This initiative aims to foster a vibrant tech ecosystem, driving economic growth and job creation.

Expected Impact:

  • Economic Growth:
    • The allocation is expected to stimulate economic growth by creating jobs, attracting foreign investment, and increasing the contribution of the IT sector to the GDP.
  • Enhanced Digital Literacy:
    • With a focus on digital skills training, the initiative aims to significantly enhance digital literacy rates, preparing the workforce for the future digital economy.
  • Improved Connectivity:
    • Expanding broadband services will ensure better connectivity across the country, facilitating remote work, online education, and access to digital services.
  • Strengthened National Security:
    • Enhancing cybersecurity measures will protect against digital threats, ensuring the integrity and security of national data and infrastructure.


The allocation of over Rs. 5 billion for new IT projects reflects the Pakistani government’s strategic vision for a digitally empowered nation. By investing in infrastructure, skills development, cybersecurity, and innovation, Pakistan aims to position itself as a competitive player in the global digital economy. These initiatives are expected to drive comprehensive socio-economic development, bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusive growth.


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